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MP Fiona Onasanya slips Big Shaq's Man's Not Hot lyrics into Commons

MP Fiona Onasanya slips Big Shaq's Man's Not Hot lyrics into Commons

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He has racked up nearly 80 million YouTube views and is at Number 6 in charts - but when a Labour MP quoted Big Shaq in the House of Commons no one seemed to get it.

Fiona Onasanya couldn’t resist throwing in a line from Shaq’s Man’s Not Hot as MPs debated Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Budget statement on Tuesday afternoon.

“There was no extra money in the Budget for the education system. This is not as simple as saying, ‘2 plus 2 equals 4, minus 3 equals 1 - quick maths.’

“These announcements mean real-terms cuts and the potential continuation of the recruitment and retention crisis in our education system.”

There was barely a murmur on the Commons benches, but when Twitter users spotted the cheeky reference, the 33-year-old Peterborough MP tweeted ‘happy days”.

Big Shaq is the alter ego of comedian Michael Dappah, who developed the character in a YouTube mockumentary called Somewhere in London.

His comedy rap, Man’s Not Hot, went viral after he performed it on Radio1Extra - and a studio version released last month has now stormed the charts.

Here he is in Radio 1 Live Lounge, doing a special version of the tune with his Nan:

The chart success of Man’s Not Hot has further blurred the line between the comedian and his creation, he recently told BBC Newsbeat.

“I’m a creative comedic entertainer who enjoys bringing good content to the world. I’m not Big Shaq - Shaq is his own person.”

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Source: BBC Politics

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